November 2, 2022

What makes OTT platforms the future of content watching?

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OTT platforms have become extremely popular in the last few years. Providers such as Netflix, Amazon Prime, Everytale, and Disney Plus have begun to dominate the niche.

Unlike traditional programming, OTT streaming allows you to watch films, series, and other programs at your leisure. Instead of waiting to watch a broadcast, you can also create a virtual broadcast of your own whenever you want. Among others, OTT apps can be used for streaming and, specifically now, for creating massive online sessions for global audiences.

In this article, we will talk more about OTT platforms and what makes them so great!

What is an OTT platform?

OTT stands for the over-the-top platform. It is called that because the service bypasses traditional programming providers such as cable and TV. OTT companies give their users film and TV content via the internet as per their request. They can also be used for streaming global events online.

A few years ago, users would subscribe to cable TV, and then, their provider would be responsible for both supplying the program as well as its availability. Nowadays, services such as Netflix have their own programming, and Netflix doesn’t rely on anyone else for content. Modern cable providers are only responsible for the internet connection, and they have no impact on the content that you’re watching.

Why do you need a platform for OTT?

OTT only works if it is on an online platform. Given that you will have to host numerous videos and live streams, it all has to be placed on a certain website.

Nowadays, users don’t want to wait to watch their content. Instead, they want to reach it through a single point of access and watch it whenever they want. In fact, the OTT video services are the reason why we can binge on our favorite shows.

Most of these companies create unique OTT content. Their quality level is so high that some of them have received numerous movie and series awards.

How is OTT Delivered?

Best OTT services can be accessed through various devices. While this is great for users, it can pose all sorts of issues for the providers. Perhaps the biggest challenge is to adapt to various viewing devices and network performances. To put it simply, OTT service providers need to adjust data, so there is no loss of speed or quality.

Generally speaking, OTT companies can provide two forms of cloud content: VODs (Video On Demand) and streaming.


Streaming or live streaming is amazing for live shows. The best examples of live streaming are sports events or important political events. Some examples of live streaming solutions in the industry are YouTube, Vimeo, and Everytale.

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With Everytale you can host events for up to 100,000 people, all in 4k. Furthermore, unlike some other popular platforms such as Zoom, Everytale ensures there are no security breaches. Much like YouTube but exclusively for global events, it has some of the most absorbing video content from events hosted around the USA. A lot of its eclectic content also comes from its diverse global community.

VOD, or video-on-demand, are premade videos that you can access at any time. As previously mentioned Netflix and Amazon Prime work based on this premise. YouTube also provides VODs to its users. While you can access an OTT platform via a personal computer, it is also common to access it through smart TVs.

Smart TVs

With Smart TVs, you can access all your web content quickly and easily. They support numerous web apps and can be connected to the internet. This makes them ideal devices for using OTT streaming services.

The rise of OTT

OTT platforms have become one of the biggest internet trends in the last year or so. As the global population was affected by COVID and people were forced to stay at home, they had to turn to platforms such as Everytale to hold their meetings and events. This industry has skyrocketed in the last few years, and experts predict that it will grow to $125 billion by 2025.

Although YouTube is regarded as the best video source on the internet, there are some indications that certain OTT apps will quickly overtake it.

What makes OTT services ideal for businesses?

As mentioned, the main reason why you should use OTT apps is that they can be very good for live events. While YouTube and Facebook Live also have the option of showing live events, they are nowhere near certain OTT platforms in terms of overall user experience.

Modern OTT apps are much better in that sense as they provide a smoother experience.

Furthermore, events and webinars that you can host on OTTs can have some additional features that cannot be found on other platforms. On top of that, some of the OTTs also allow VODs, so you have the best of both worlds.

What are features to look for in OTT services?

Finding the best OTT provider can be tough. Here are some of the main features you need to check when determining which service to use:

· Content Delivery

· Features for live events

· Monetization options

· Service pricing

· Ability to host VODs

· Availability of open API

· White label streaming

· Security features

Analyzing these features is especially important if you wish to determine what kind of user experience a platform will provide. Hosting VODS and having smooth streams is especially important, but we also cannot neglect the security features.

5 Best OTT Platforms

Here are some of the best OT apps on the internet:


If you’re using OTTs mainly for entertainment purposes, you should definitely consider Netflix. This platform has become popular due to its enormous variety of shows. As of late, they are adding new series and films that are meant to target specific geolocation and language groups.

Over time, Netflix shows have received numerous accolades. However, this provider is often criticized for not having enough payment plans or that its original content is slowly starting to lag behind its competition.

YouTube TV

YouTube has created a premium platform as a response to a growing number of providers vying for market space. The basic premise is simple: pay a subscription fee, and you will be able to access all of YouTube’s content without having to watch ads.

If you don’t like the monthly plan, you can always pay per view. Besides the regular videos posted on YouTube, the premium version allows users to access more than 85 TV channels. Unfortunately, the cost of YouTube TV is quite high. With its price of $65 per month, it is no wonder that people are reluctant to try it out.

Prime Video

Prime Video has a lot of similarities to Netflix and Disney Plus. The OTT streaming service relies on its massive library of original content to attract new members. If you really liked some of its titles, there is also a chance to purchase them. If you don’t wish to subscribe but still want to access certain titles, you can simply rent them at a lower price.

Perhaps the most notable feature of Prime Video is that you can buy films that are still being shown in theaters. This is especially great if you’ve seen an awesome movie in a theater and want to rewatch it at home. Needless to say, it is a perfect offer for this COVID time.


Everytale is one of the best websites for broadcasting events and creating communities. The platform has numerous amazing features such as event ticketing and recording, analytics, sharing premade videos, the ability to stream 2 different channels during one session, etc.

The OTT has very flexible pricing plans that are suitable for companies of all sizes. There is also a global events library that allows you to access various events and content creators’ VODs.


As you presume, this is an OTT streaming service by HBO, that is, its parent company WarnerMedia. Even before all the OTT hype, HBO was one of the best programming providers. You would pay extra to have this channel aside from your regular TV programming. Nowadays, the company has transferred their business online, and they are doing a good job.

When you subscribe to HBO Max, you will get access to all of its past and future content. Like Prime video, you can use it to access movies that are currently showing in theaters. What’s even better is that you won’t have to pay for this service.

Last thoughts

The OTT platforms are much better for business branding and advertising. Furthermore, there are no annoying ads that would interfere with the user experience. While you might think that these OTT platforms are very similar, there are numerous things that set them apart. You can use them internally, as a business tool of sorts. They can also be good for larger teams that want to take their meetings online.