November 30, 2022

11 Virtual Event Ideas to Creatively Engage Communities

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Holding a virtual community event can be confusing, and many people don’t even know where to start. Online events are a great way to build and develop lasting community bonds. We live in an ever-changing world, and virtual events are an innovative and safe way of engaging communities worldwide. 

Online virtual events have become more popular as people begin to explore online communities. However, if you haven’t ever used them before, here are a few things that you need to keep in mind. Consider these pointers, and you will be sure to have a fantastic time and keep people coming back. One of the first things that you need to do is think about the interests of your community. Community organizers often get together with other organizers to share their ideas for virtual community social events. The ideas range from how to improve communication and member involvement to hosting fun events like online contests. You can also invite other community members to attend your online events and get ideas for virtual community events.

Here are 11 Event Ideas That You Might Not Have Thought of:

#1 Hold cooking lessons

Host cooking lessons, teach people how to bake, or even host cocktail mixology lessons and tutorials right from your very own kitchen. Teach others how to make popular food dishes from around the world, baked goods like an expert, or even mix their favorite cocktails from start to finish, right from the comfort of your own home. Host classes for free or offer paid private classes to viewers both locally and globally. Classes can be made available for viewers to watch live or on-demand. Gather in front of any number of viewers worldwide and start streaming in minutes. You can make use of email marketing to gain more views and subscribers.

#2– Invite keynote speakers for special topics

Invite your favorite keynote speakers to speak in front of a niche community event or exclusive business group. 

Associations, town meetings, weekly or monthly business meetings, do it all on Everytale’s versatile platform. Create an intimate closed group or make it available to larger groups of participants. Our platform even allows you to hold conferences & panel discussions 24/7, any day of the week, and list them in one of Everytale’s online catalogs.

#3- Conduct health and wellness classes

Holding health and wellness virtual classes or training is a breeze! These days with so many people being cooped up at home, everyone is looking for things to do online and staying healthy while being stuck at home. Why not offer dance, yoga, Pilates, or other types of fitness classes that teach people how to stay fit. Have healthy recipes or smoothie tutorials or other types of healthy ‘how-to’ tutorials to keep your audience engaged. Ask your views what they would like to see next and tell them to bring a friend to grow your audience quickly. 

#4– Deliver training course and certification tracks

Many in-person training courses and certifications have been canceled and put off to future dates and maybe even closed for good. Holding online virtual training courses and certifications is becoming the widely accepted “new norm”. Hold your classes live, or have students watch a recorded version of training classes. Courses and certifications have become just that easy. 

#5– Conduct religious community events

Many religious communities had to halt their in-person religious activities and had no way to get to their community. Some even had people sitting in parking lots to be able to hear “the word.” 

With Everytale, you can immediately hold sermons and religious meetings without a hitch. It is plug-and-play. Invite your followers to your online virtual community event and host it right away.

#6– Host chats with industry leaders and influencers

Influencers like being in front of an audience, so why not get them in a virtual community setting? How about interviewing industry, community, or business influencers or business leaders and allow a Q&A session afterward so the audience can get involved and ask questions.

Feeling a part of a community is what it is all about, and Everytale can help you hold your next virtual influencer event sessions in a snap!

#7– Conduct beauty tutorials and “How-To Classes”

Beauty tutorials, “how-tos,” and DIY live virtual events are all the rave. Just think of how easy it is to hold a tutorial right out of your own home. Many big-name gurus started out this way and have grown huge brands by creating “how-to” tutorials. Think of the possibilities! With so many new and improved tools available in the beauty industry, creating a tutorial on using a product is a fantastic way to start “how-to” events online.

#8– Host DIY home improvements

Hold DIY fixer upper classes and tutorials for home repairs or improvements. Are you having a change of seasons, or maybe hurricane season coming? Hold a community online virtual event to teach people how to prepare for the season—live demos, get materials, and find a helper if needed.

Hold your next community event on the Everytale virtual platform. We bring the community together.

#9– Hold book readings with Meet the Author or a book club

Avid reader? Belong to a book reading or discussion group? How about “Meet the Author” sessions? Why not move your book discussion or reading groups to an online virtual event instead? Easy to host and invite like-minded book enthusiasts from right in your local area or worldwide. Invite authors from around the world to be a guest on your live event. 

At least you know they won’t get lost getting to the event! Grab a glass of wine and hold your next book session in a virtual setting on Everytale. Cheers!

#10– Share financial advice through sessions with experts or communities

Financial experts and advisors are always looking for a new way to get in front of people. Ready to share your expertise in a virtual setting? Show off your expertise by hosting your community online virtual event and getting more leads and sales from your immediate community or worldwide. Holding in-person events and drawing a crowd is becoming a thing of the past. Become the “expert” and grow your own platform. There is no need to set up in-home or office meetings or fly out to see your best clients when you can do it all from your home or office. Pants are optional, but highly recommended! 

Teach others how to save, manage or even make money with a virtual event on Everytale.

#11- Chamber of Commerce or Networking Events

Hold Chamber of Commerce meetings? Instantly hold daily, weekly or monthly meetings or create niche break-out meetings for interest groups. Have a virtual coffee, breakfast, or lunch, and ramp up your membership. 

Host your next Chamber meetings or networking events on Everytale.

As you can see, there are various types of virtual events that you might not even have known existed. Just because they are virtual does not mean they cannot be highly engaging and fun. If you are considering hosting an event, try a few of these ideas to see which one will work best for your group or people’s influence. One size does not fit all, but the key is to develop ideas that work for you and your group as a community.

When you think about the ease of hosting a virtual event, the good outweighs the bad. You don’t need to pick out your favorite dressy outfit, put on tons of make-up and jewelry, or pack a lunch to take with you. There is no more wear and tear on the car, sitting for hours in traffic, and you don’t even have to fill your car with gas! Virtual events are here to stay and much easier on your pocket in the long run. For more information on ensuring productive meetings, check out our guide on virtual meeting etiquette.

With the Everytale platform, hosting or joining an online community virtual event is as easy as logging onto your computer and enjoying your session! Contact us for more information on hosting your next event today at Everytale.