November 30, 2022

11 Video Conferencing Tools to Simplify Your Virtual Worklife!

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We’ve all been there. Oh No! The panic starts to set in. You have a meeting coming up, and you need to get your team or group on the line right away, but they are scattered across the country or around the world. Of course, it can be tough to find a good time for everyone to hop on video chat, and it can be even more challenging when you don’t know how many people will show up!

Well, good thing you remembered that some amazing video conferencing tools could help make your life easier. Whew! Video conferencing tools allow you to easily manage your business or community meetings from anywhere in the world through state-of-the-art video conference technology.

Which video conferencing tools in the marketplace will best suit your needs?

Let’s find out!

#1 Best for One-on-One Meetings – Zoom

If you are looking for a compelling video conferencing tool for your enterprise, Zoom is a perfect choice. The cloud-supported tool is ideal for meeting recordings, live chat, audio, and video. It lets you set up an entry of guests without using any contacts.

Additionally, you can use the Zoom rooms to control the shared desktop. Instead of using the laptop, you can opt to navigate applications via touch on the big screen. The tool is widely used for graphics-intensive projects.

The maximum number of people who can attend a meeting through Zoom is 100. If you need 1000 people to attend a Zoom meeting, you will have to adjust the meeting icon to ‘large’ to accommodate the large number.

Zoom benefits:

Users can assess the tool easily via mobile devices, desktop, or laptop

  • It has a friendly user interface
  • You can record calls
  • Whiteboarding  
  • High video and call quality
  • Affordable plans
  • Easier to connect employees

Zoom comes with a free version which you can use to make a video call for 40 minutes. After this, you can subscribe to the premium version. The free version supports unlimited one on one meetings. The premium version comes with more features that enable the hosting of more people. 

You can either subscribe to the pro, business or zoom united business to access advanced features.

#2 Best for User Engagement- Everytale

Everytale is a virtual events platform that supports the engagement and hosting of events. Unlike other standard virtual events platforms with video and audio features, Everytale adds a new twist in online communication by offering better features.

Some of the features to help user engagement include; a group chats feature, the ability to create poll details post-event, event ticketing, full-screen option, user analytics, and the ability to create a post-event community, among others. However, it offers unique interactive tools like live video broadcasting and live-streaming for various events.

Individuals with disabilities can easily access education by utilizing the screen sharing and commenting feature.

#3 Best for Mobile Experience – Hopin

Compatible with iOS and Android devices, the Hopin app is ideal for video networking. You can use the app straight from your phone as you move around. Some of the notable features include video chat, scheduled meetings, and instant messaging.

Online participants on the Hopin app can easily follow the sessions and join the conversation with ease. If you are looking for a platform that you can easily interact and engage with people through video chat, then the Hopin app is a perfect choice for you.

#4 Best for Corporate Meetings – Bluejeans

Bluejeans is an ideal video conferencing tool for corporate communication. The cloud-based tool supports conference calls, online meetings, live video calls, and webinars. It offers a high-quality video conferencing experience to the corporate world through excellent video conferencing features.

You can easily download the Bluejeans app and install it on your device. The app is compatible with android and iOS devices. However, users can access the desktop version via Windows, Mac, and Linux.

#5 Best for Customization – ON24

Customized content plays a great role in promoting brand visibility. Through the on24 platform, you can create personalized content targeting your audience’s persona. This helps improve your relationship with the target audience. You can utilize the platform’s code-free builder to drag and drop content, personalize page design, and select layouts.

#6 Best for Small Businesses – Run the World

If you are looking for a perfect tool that you can use to host virtual events, build community, network and create engaging online events, then Run the World is an ideal choice. The platform also helps individuals collaborate and learn from others.

Run The World comes with a free package that supports up to 50 attendees. Members can easily stream cocktail parties live from their devices. To unlock advanced features, you can subscribe to the premium version.

#7 Best for Networking – Airmeet

Airmeet is a user-friendly virtual events platform ideal for streaming live events. Depending on the package you choose, you can easily set up a session on your device and invite others, by sharing your event link with them or invite via email, to engage online. Airmeet also allows users to host up to 100k participants.

Event managers can leverage the platform’s many features to create a better customer experience for networking  

#8 Best for an End-to-End Event Lifestyle – Cvent

Cvent is a software company offering event management solutions to companies and the hospitality industry. The company offers web-based software that helps meet site selection, event marketing, event management, online surveys, and online event registration.

Generally, the company’s software solution comes with excellent features that help event planners and marketers manage events’ lifecycle with ease. 

#9 Best for Large Events – VFairs

VFairs is an ideal events management tool befitting larger virtual events. The platform is ideal for helping event planners reach out to a global audience. Event planners can easily host trade shows, online conferences, and virtual job fairs, among other large events, through the VFairs platform’s support.

VFairs comes with round-the-clock customer support,3D design, semi-live and live webinars, customization with features and integrations. Further, the platform is ideal for facilitating events for corporations.

Some of the events that the platform can facilitate include

  • Virtual graduation ceremonies
  • Virtual career fair
  • Virtual benefits Fair,
  • Alumni networking event
  • Alumni virtual job Fair
  • Virtual trade show

#10 Best for Educational Events – Everytale

If you are looking for a perfect virtual learning experience for your customers, then Everytale is an ideal choice. You can create content and streams to link up with all your customers straight from a central location. 

Everytale users can join any stream of their choice. Ranging from Events streams, educational streams, or master classes, you have a wide range to choose from. Discover fields and topics you are interested in by instantly gaining real-time access to events across various areas of knowledge!

Everytale will allow you to monetize past events using its On-demand Global Events Library option. This is a unique feature exclusively built for events, webinars, and community networks to allow you to earn money from your past, present, or future events.

#11 Best for free unlimited group meetings – RingCentral Video Pro

RingCentral Video Pro is an ideal videoconferencing tool for conducting unlimited group meetings for free. It’s perfect for both teleconferencing and video conferencing, where you can host unlimited meetings for up to 100 participants.

With RingCentral Video Pro, you can instantly join meetings through browsersinstalling the app isn’t required. Moreover, it allows integration with popular software including Google Workspace, Microsoft Teams, and Microsoft 365. 

RingCentral benefits

Apart from the common meeting features, this tool is beneficial in many ways: 

  • Engage in dynamic online video meetings
  • Keep a record of meeting conversations through live transcription
  • Filter out unwanted background voice with AI-powered noise reduction
  • Overlay mode for easy navigation during screen sharing 
  • Whiteboards for conducting collaborative sessions
  • Breakout rooms for dividing meeting participants into smaller groups during meetings 
  • Remote team huddles 

The free version allows you to store cloud recordings for up to 7 days, share files, and manage tasks. You can upgrade to its premium version, RingCentral Video Pro+, where you will get more features, that include hosting up to 200 participants for holding remote meetings.

Also check Quickblox – Q-Consultation by Quickblox provides a secure means to hold virtual private meetings and video conferences and share confidential information across a multitude of use cases including telehealth, recruitment, social engagement, finance, online education, e-commerce and more.

Final thoughts

With so many amazing video conferencing tools and the advanced technology available today, having the ability to schedule instant events, meetings, appointments and provide live and continuous education online has become a daily event for many and only growing in numbers. Gone are the days when we need to take hours to drive to events, stay at boring hotels, meet with a group of people in freezing cold conference rooms and being told when to break for lunch. You do have to admit that video conferencing from the comfort of your own home has us all a bit spoiled. Who would have thought that you could sit home in your jammies, drink your own coffee, not have to pack a lunch, spend money on gas and wear and tear on your car, and actually enjoy being in a meeting? The best part is that there are tools to make our lives easier with more advancements every day.