December 1, 2022

How To Use Webinars To Grow Your Business

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Webinars are fantastic for many reasons. Businesses can use them to connect with clients and partners in your business or bring the team together. But generally, they are a productive medium for growth and solidarity. The purposes of webinars as a whole are diverse. So much so that you, as an entrepreneur, may not have realized the pragmatic ways that they can save money and time. A corporate environment can be chaotic, with tight deadlines and a lot of work. But a lot of corporate necessities can be attended to through the different types of webinars. This article will guide you through the various webinar categories, and how you might be able to use them to benefit your future endeavors.

The Purpose of Webinars

As you know, webinars are virtual events. It often features one industry professional or team leader at the helm, while participants pitch in and discussion ensues. It can be a meeting or an event. But the main purpose of webinars is to bring everybody together in a convenient way to inspire ideas or inform the team about new products. The list of webinar topics is endless because there are so many common uses of webinars. Although this article will list many webinar ideas, it isn’t to imply that these are the only ways they can be used. There are unlimited webinar topics, and it all starts with you, the entrepreneur. But without further delay, here are some possibilities to get your imagination ticking away.

For Meet & Greets

One of the most accessible and common uses of webinars that companies will employ is that of meeting and greeting. This could be introducing your service or brand to new customers and clients. One of the most important aspects of the webinar format is that it is not labor-intensive. Clients can attend from home, or a cafe, or even while traveling – for this reason, it is highly malleable for the business environment. This is because it suits its fluid nature.

Meeting and greeting can also apply to the team within your business. In this regard, the webinar format can be used to introduce new employees to the team, and show the way that they interact, and do business. Conversely, a webinar setting can be used to discuss ongoing contracts, and even to blow off steam amongst the team. More importantly than both these: the team can update one another about ongoing projects without having to meet in person.

For Lead Nurturing

Webinars can be used to touch base with clients, customers, or prospective clients. When working with clients, they often want to hear your business’ detailed approach to how you will deliver your services to them. But companies and clients are often busy, and webinars are a great method for smaller-scale objectives such as progress reports or introductions.

For Corporate Communication

The article already touched upon this to a degree, but there are many scenarios where webinars can help to create a streamlined communication process. Webinars are especially useful here because, on a weekly basis, not every update is a dealbreaker. For this reason, physical meetings are unnecessary and virtual events are better suited. However, they are equally useful for more substantial progress reports and crisis management. Nobody likes to report on a crisis, but they are better dealt with head-on and with haste.

For Thought Leadership

Thought leadership is a big deal today. So many companies are integrating it into their authority content marketing strategy for business gains. This includes spreading awareness of their brand, service or industry, or for promoting their product. But one method of thought leadership marketing integration that is singular in its accessibility and convenience, is that of webinars.

Webinars can be live events that feature industry professionals sourced by you. In other cases, you might be that industry professional. Either way, a thought leadership webinar is a cheap means of spreading your word. Furthermore, if you are employing a thought leadership marketing strategy, then webinars are one more tactic that you can use as part of your business strategy, along with social media marketing efforts and the rest.

The fruits of thought leadership marketing campaigns are diverse and gainful. It can lead to further brand awareness, spread through your attendees. It can also help you to connect with new customers and clients. One more factor that is the most effective – and possibly, the reason why so many strive to incorporate it into their business efforts – is that it improves the reputation of companies. And with the convenience of webinars, you can do all of this through a computer screen.

In general, there are many more components to thought leadership strategies as a whole. But for now, just remember that webinars are a convenient, cheap, and accessible way to implement them.

For Branding & Brand Awareness

Webinars are an amazing way to raise brand awareness. The reasons for this are aplenty. Firstly, if you set up a webinar event you can reach a large number of customers at once. Equally, you can attain a customer base from scratch if you organize a publicized event. Especially one that has an industry professional, or several of them.

Further to this, check out this report by OutgrowThey did a detailed report to determine the effectiveness of webinars. They made findings that 61% of marketers use webinars as a prong of their tactic to grow their companies. What’s more, they also found that out of the 100% of people who register to attend a webinar, an average of 40-50% attend. Those odds aren’t bad. If you attract 500 customers to register, the lowest you will get is 200. That’s 200 more people who will have heard of your company and its service or product by the end.

A niche within a business is a small world, and an audience of 200 is enough to spread the word. It also gives you the opportunity to network with every participant, and you never know who could show up.

More importantly than all, is that if you pack your webinar with promotional information about your services and business, you increase the chances of making a splash. You will spread the news of your projects and progress across your industry, gaining the industry’s attention and that of your competitors.

For Product Demonstration

Another effective type of webinar for this purpose is product demonstration. There are numerous forms of this. Some are arranged for a business’s customers or clients, while others can be public events designed to promote new products.

The benefits of visual product demonstration are obvious. When businesses develop new products, they are much easier to sell when the company can show how they work. This is especially useful if the product has complexities that are better shown than told. Overall, it is beneficial in that it helps the clients, partners, and customers to understand a product, or the strategy of promoting it, without demanding a big commitment. 

Budget Considerations

A webinar that is effective enough to grow your business is not free, but there are ways to minimize the expense. The cost of a webinar varies from purpose to purpose, and there are numerous factors to consider.

Aside from the obvious laptop, webcam, and microphone requirements, there is also the issue of software. As to this, you need to find the right one for your business. Whether you use Zoom, Teams, or fork out for a service such as MyOwn Conference, you may find that the choice is the optimal service, rather than the cheapest. Moreover, when it comes to virtual events, you may want to promote the event by running a PR campaign. An effective campaign often requires you to outsource to an industry professional, which costs too.

One way that you can save a handful of notes is by signing up with Everytale, which saves 80% of the event costs. This factors in the process of connecting the participants and of course, the setup process. So, if you are looking to save your budget, this is one way that you can do it.

There are other ways too. But there are also the long-term benefits of webinars to consider. The top one is that hosting webinars saves money in general due to how it cuts down things like travel costs and in-person resources. From that perspective, the budget might just be balanced as a result, but every business is different.

The Verdict

There are many types of webinars, and some may be better suited to your business needs than others. But their effectiveness is undeniable. If your intention is to implement efficient communication amongst your staff, you can use webinars to do so. Likewise, if you want to promote your business or a new product, webinars are great for this too. You can use it to run promotional events by hosting public webinars, or private ones designed to spread the word through industry peers.

Furthermore, if you need to find ways to facilitate a fully optimized webinar event, Everytale can help with thisHow so? Because they are devoted to their mission, which is to promote to an audience that fits the clients’ needs. That includes the target audience and the nature of your virtual events.