November 30, 2022

How to Be Successful & Stay Healthy with Cassandra R. Hill

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Have you ever wondered if there was a secret to keeping your life in balance? Maybe you’ve questioned why other women excel in their careers while staying healthy and happy, but it’s a struggle for you to keep pace. Well, you aren’t alone and you do not have to move through life feeling as if you might be missing out.

In March, Cassandra R. Hill, through her virtual event on Everytale, will share anecdotes and stories about her life, her struggles, and her ultimate understanding of balance for career and business-minded women. You can bask in inspirational energy as you learn tips and tricks for enjoying a full life. One where you enjoy wellness, excellent relationships, and the chance to succeed at your passions.

As an inspirational leader and go-getter, Cassandra offers all sorts of information for women who want a more balanced life. When joining this one-of-a-kind virtual event, you’ll gain insight on succeeding in your career and business while staying well and healthy in all aspects of your life. It could be the perfect way to start a journey toward unconditional love and respect for every part of who you are.

Cassandra’s Story and What You Could Learn From Her

There’s no better way to understand what this event could mean to you than to hear from the speaker herself. We’re happy to share Cassandra’s story as a way to inspire you to keep reaching for higher rungs and moving closer to the ideal life you picture when you daydream.

“I’m aware of what you think. You believe that success and health are opposing forces that are at war. You might believe there is no middle ground where both can be balanced. I understand that feeling because, believe it or now, once upon a time, I felt the exact same way. However, I learned that wasn’t entirely accurate and I want to be sure you understand that too.

Sometimes, I think back on the career I had. I didn’t know it then, but I was unhappy. When you’re healthy and happy, it can put you on a path you would never imagine. My story shows that you can have it all. You can be successful in a career or with a business while being a whole person. It isn’t the impossible position that many believe it is.

If you feel alone and aren’t sure what to do – this message is made for you. God has led you here to this exact moment to discover something inside yourself that you don’t even know exists or that you haven’t yet figured out how to empower. He wants you to succeed and be well, all at the same time.

I am here to show you what life looks like after a serious medical diagnosis. What I share with you extends to health, wellness, and a life of balance. What I want to do is help people, especially working women. Women who all have their own challenges may struggle with finding the right solutions.

I was working, winning awards, hitting my stride – but I still felt empty. That was when I started manifesting all of the physical symptoms of stress. It felt like this would be the end of everything. It was the end of my life as I knew it and the professional reputation I had fought hard to maintain.

When I was diagnosed with the auto-immune disease, Systemic Lupus, it caused my life to take an interesting turn. Four years after the fact, I find myself thinking back to the life I had. I can’t help but be thankful for the gift of balance I’ve taken from my past self.” Cassandra Hill.

What Led Cassandra to This Moment and Why It Matters

Cassandra has lived a captivating life and has all the qualifications needed to help women, especially professional black women, build their lives into something even better. She has challenged herself and educated herself to be capable of sharing her message with the world.

With a master’s degree in gerontology, certification as a wellness coach from the Spencer Institute, and regular continuing education hours to stay in top form, Cassandra has plenty to offer when you’re ready to listen. She’s an expert at speaking, coaching, and creating therapeutic ideas meant to touch the lives of others.

With all of her education, Cassandra has founded her own business. Holistic Living Consulting is a health and wellness brand that caters to the unique needs of women. It offers wellness coaching, digital courses, and access to healthy living products that are vegan-friendly and organic. It’s all part of providing you with the support you need to be the best version of yourself.

How Cassandra Stays Healthy While Being Successful

Through challenging life situations, Cassandra has created a set of methods to ensure success in health and wellness while remaining a superstar in other parts of life. This is what Cassandra loves to share with others. Here are a few of her actionable tips!

1. Create a personal vision board – When you take time to look at anything every day when you wake up, it can manifest your intentions into the natural world over time. Having a vision board is one of the best ways to create the life you want.

2. Step away from social media and the television – Take time to enjoy the quiet around you. Spend time on yourself and get to know the real “you” in a more authentic way. One of the top options is to invest in a journal where you can put down your thoughts and read them again at a later date.

3. Spend time with positive people with happy vibes – When you spend time with people who feel good, it can rub off on you. So spend time with people you love and then record how you feel after the time is over. This is an excellent way to find out which people in your life might be “Debbie downers.”

(If you find these helpful, find out more about Cassandra’s virtual event !)

“Staying Healthy on the Road to Success”

Cassandra R. Hill’s Virtual Event on March 8th

Are you ready to be the next Madame C.J. Walker? As a business owner, you’ve leveled up your success and created the life you’ve always wanted to live. The only problem is that you might have neglected other things in your pursuit of ultimate success. If you don’t make any changes, your health and dis-ease could cause you to lose everything you have built.

However, it does not have to be this way. You can learn how to pour from a full cup and maintain wellness while you keep moving down the road toward success. Those interested in learning more from the talented Cassandra R. Hill need only join her upcoming event on March 8th . (The event is also free for anyone to attend! She’s offering us her time and advice at no charge because she really wants to help!)

As a sneak peek at the type of wisdom you’ll experience, here’s one of Cassandra’s most quotable sayings: “Give from your overflowing saucer. Not the cup but the saucer because you want to give from the excess.”

Find Balance in Your Own Life with Cassandra’s Guidance & Practical Help

Now that you know more about Cassandra R. Hill and why she has so much impactful information to share, you might wonder what to expect from the upcoming event. Cassandra will share her own experiences and equip you with the tools you need to shape your own healthy balanced life.

You’ll learn tips and tricks for maintaining a healthy work-life balance. Cassandra will assist you with developing a prosperous mindset. She also promises to reveal how you can build a healthy lifestyle without any toxins.

Cassandra’s life has led her to this event – as a way of sharing everything she knows with other women in positions she has a deep understanding of. She will take her own experiences and use them to help you see how you can care for yourself physically, emotionally, and spiritually. You can learn more about her story and let it guide your actions as you move into the future.

Are you ready to live the life you deserve? One full of happiness – not just focused on business or your career? Cassandra’s upcoming special event will give you the space to make changes that liberate you, just like Cassandra released herself. Remember, there’s no reason you can’t enjoy a life that is filled with blessings, dedication to a higher purpose, good health, and a career or business that absolutely thrives!