December 1, 2022

Top LinkedIn Groups For Event Planners in 2023

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Did you know there are Linkedin Groups for event planners? You can find just about any type of group on Linkedin, but having groups that cater to event planners and getting your name out there is exciting. As an event planner or manager, you likely enjoy getting to know new people and searching for modern ways to network – well, Linkedin is where the professionals meet and definitely the place to be.

Finding shared resources, sourcing the top tools, and getting tips on cost-effective ways to plan events can help with the business. That’s why networking groups on Linkedin are so crucial.

Networking with others provides access to shared knowledge among people in the same industry. On top of that, it’s fun to talk to people who understand what you do on a daily basis and offers a way to be part of a larger community. You can choose whether you want to be active and contribute to the group, or be a ‘fly on the wall’ and just watch and listen to what others have to say. Either way, you are bound to learn some valuable information.

If you’re curious about the best LinkedIn groups, we’ll share some popular options in this article.

Top Reasons Event Planners Need To Network

Wondering why event planning networking is so important? There are several reasons to network, and these are our top ones:

  • Networking provides a method of locating a mentor who can help you upskill for events in the future
  • It offers a space where you can learn about new events and technology in the industry
  • Networking groups are ideal for promoting your events and finding a new audience
  • By communicating with other people in the industry, you can build a reputation as an expert
  • Speaking to other event managers and planners keeps you motivated by offering you new ideas, news, and discussions

Many event managers want to join all of the “latest and greatest” groups on every platform, but how do you keep up with all of the news? While joining them will give you a large number of places to network, doing so can be challenging. In addition, you might develop a FOMO, (fear of missing out) if you aren’t participating in all the available LinkedIn groups.

The good news is that when you join the most popular groups, you’ll easily see conversations, articles, and more without feeling overwhelmed. How involved you become is entirely your choice. Of course, you might not like the tone of some of the groups and that is why it is great to have so many options – you can pick and choose the ones that suit you.

Why Are LinkedIn Groups for Event Professionals So Important?

When there are other networking opportunities, online and in person, you may wonder why LinkedIn groups are highly recommended. A few of the reasons include:

  • You can learn from others in your industry at all levels of the hierarchy. You’ll find business leaders, industry gurus, and academic thought leaders all in one place.
  • You can discover your passion by delving deeper into topics that matter to you. You have the opportunity to explore and learn every single day and take that new knowledge into your career.
  • You can engage with a community of others like yourself. You can talk to experts in your field (and others) and learn new things.

And that’s just the start. LinkedIn offers a focused audience of more than 100,000,000 members. It’s the ideal place to have daily professional discussions and learn more about all the things you’re particularly interested in. Joining some of the groups for event planners will keep you in a place where you can feel understood.

However, keep in mind that there are limits to how many groups you can be a part of. LinkedIn users can join up to 50 groups, moderate the same number, and own or manage up to 10 at once. This means you need to choose the right groups to curate your experience and make sure you are benefiting from them. If you find that you join a group which isn’t suitable for you, just click on ‘Leave this group’ to end your participation in it.

Visit the Best LinkedIn Groups for Event Planners

Use the list below as a guide when you want to access the best LinkedIn groups. These range from general spaces for all facets of event planning to more focused places that explore one subject. Think about what topics and features are more important to you and then join the groups that fit your needs.

Event Planning & Event Management

This is one of the largest event management groups on LinkedIn, so you’re sure to find plenty to talk about with more than 375,000 other members. It’s created as an addition to the Event Manager Blog and offers a wide range of information for any event planner who wants insight that can help build a successful business.

Members of the group include event managers, event professionals, event tech professionals, certified meeting professionals, event managers, and more. The group offers surveys, discussions, and articles around all sorts of topics related to event planning. In addition, links and highlights of helpful discussions are shared regularly.

Event Marketing Pros

Next up is Event Marketing pros, which focuses on marketing and promotions for successful events. This group has a great focus compared to many event manager communities. It’s the ideal space to share your events with others to gain interest, attendance, and awareness that is invaluable.

This is a smaller space with less than 25,000 members so it’s not as busy as our number one pick. However, it’s been in use since 2009 and has a dedicated group of professionals that you can join in a few clicks.

Events & Hospitality Industry Network

Another of the top LinkedIn groups brings together event planners with event suppliers as a way to network, share experiences, exchange ideas, and talk about the future of the industry. In addition, it offers a specific space where people from the event and hospitality worlds can come together.

This space focuses mainly on best practices and industry trends. It’s an excellent solution for anyone who wants to speak with those in the industry and close to it.

Career Advice for Event Planning & Management

For those who want to explore career tips, this LinkedIn group is an excellent place to start. It focuses on providing solid career advice for event planners as well as delving into other topics related to the career. You’ll encounter discussions about everything from starting in the industry to managing professional relationships, advancing in your career, and transitioning into a new line of work.

This group is under 25,000 but sees a lot of action. So if you’re looking to move up in the ranks or get a job as an event planner, it’s the perfect place to spend time on LinkedIn.

Who’s Who In Events

This is a popular group that has over a million members. It contains people from all areas of the industry who share their insights. However, this group is only open to those who have a personal profile. So you’ll need to join this one as yourself and not a company. Check what profile you are applying from to be sure you are accepted.

One of the perks of this group is that it isn’t English-language only. Instead, the owners recommend that members post in their native language to gain information on a local level. This is a busy spot that will give you something new to read regularly.

Event Planners Gather

One of the most notable LinkedIn groups is connected to BizBash and has about 75,000 members. It has both hospitality and event professionals as well as those from other similar fields. In addition, it has a reader’s forum connected where you can see answers to a variety of interesting questions about client acquisition, event marketing, and more.

Each member has a certain amount of time to respond to the posts. After that time is up, the best opinions are moved to the website where a huge audience can read them. It’s a fantastic global option for event planners who want to share their thoughts and opinions.

Event Industry News

If you prioritize essential news in the event planning industry, this group is ideal. It gives you information that will keep you at the top of your game. It’s affiliated with Event Industry News and offers a wide selection of news stories and information about upcoming events.

Instead of mainly sharing articles and blog links, discussions are commonly found around new developments. The group has over 10,000 members from all parts of the industry.

Other Networking Options for Event Managers

Of course, using Linkedin isn’t the only option for connecting with others and keeping updated on news. Professionals can also join other social media groups, visit community forums on Reddit and Quora, or search for websites that host their own discussion boards.


We hope that we showed you the “who, what and where” of becoming a part of LinkedIn Groups for event planners in this article. Getting involved in groups on Linkedin can be great for your business. You never know who you might meet that can boost your career, so get networking!

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