November 2, 2022

Facing Zoom fatigue? – 6 reasons why you’ll love Everytale

Did you know – brands can boost engagement up to 21% with the help of online communities? (Vanilla Forums)

For this reason, creating strong communities is gaining focus as a key marketing tool for businesses. By transforming online spaces into vibrant communities, you can build a strong bond with the audience and turn them into a loyal base of promoters. Online community platforms such as Zoom, Facebook Live and, Bizzabo have played a big part in helping users easily engage in our ever-increasing virtual world.

While the options are many, Zoom has stood out as the preferred event platform for virtual community building. It’s been so popular that ‘Let’s Zoom’ is now a common catchphrase. 

Yet, there’s one big problem facing these communities – Dipping engagement rates. During online meetings, 80% of users were found largely inattentive and disengaged, as per the findings from a study carried out by Wall Street Zen. As a result of the pandemic, many schools have been conducting remote-only classes, which has increased kids’ screen time. According to a study from Sleepjunkie, two thirds of kids use some sort of media device before going to sleep. Technology affects sleep for these kids, but if the online meetings and classroom sessions are engaging, they are less likely to experience fatigue.

Hosts want something beyond the basics for their community experiences. Viewers, in turn, crave constantly for a more immersive and meaningful experience. This is where an integrated virtual events platform like Everytale fits in as the perfect solution. By bringing the hosts and participants closer with refreshing, warm-hearted conversations, event managers can build a dynamic, tightly-knit online community with greater ease.

6 ways how Everytale packs more value for virtual communities:

Safe space for conducting virtual events

At Everytale, safety comes first.

  • All cloud uploads and session activities are encrypted end-to-end to prevent any kind of privacy concern or security breach.
  • Only registered users are allowed access to the platform. Participation is therefore genuine and free from external disruptions.
  • You also have the power to regulate the visibility of your sessions, making them open, closed, or hidden depending on how you want these to be accessed by users.

That means no more ‘session bombing’, snooping, or leaked passwords. Since all the activities are directly hosted through the browser, there’s zero hassle of dealing with dubious permission for downloads or malware sneaking through. 

A Haven for content creators

Want users to easily find the exciting content you create? No problem!

Backed by advanced AI algorithms, smart recommendations deliver curated content to relevant audiences. This attribute simplifies the attendee search experience, making it joyful and memorable. 

Your participants will keep coming back for more!

Buffet of options

While creating your sessions, you can plan to customize the experience for users and make it exciting.

  • Step 1: Click on the CREATE button to get started with a new session, it’s super easy
  • Step 2: You can create a single session or plan a series of sessions in the form of a longer event

Generate more buzz to involve your audience well in advance. You can write and share the session agenda along with PDFs, presentations, pre-session polls, and introductory videos to give a taste of what to expect.

Select a plan that suits your style. Whether you plan to organize digital fireside chats, virtual book reading, or community film screening, there’s a wide range of pricing options to get your community events up and running.

Make it ‘Oh so simple’ for participants to track your events!

The Event Calendar syncs all their favorite events on the go. 

  • No more worries about tracking each event separately. 
  • Users can share preferences and select the ones for which they want to be notified. 
  • With regular updates, you can keep them informed at all times. This way, users won’t miss out on your content!

It’s a sure-shot way to engage your community more effectively.

Lively. Entertaining. Interactive

Physically present, mentally absent. This seems to be a recurring theme off-late. 

Zoom fatigue is real and a recent poll by Blind, confirms as much. Nearly 1 in every 3 professionals claimed they were zoning out despite trying to pay attention.

Many community managers are finding it hard to keep participants hooked for longer durations without losing zeal. Naturally, everybody loves a lively session!

Make it Poll-hearted 

Bring your audience into the mix with different kinds of polls. Capture views and generate insights with single, multiple-choice, or open-ended questions. Multiple polls can be conducted and presented beautifully at the same time!

Poll data is also a wonderful feedback resource to gain feedback for product from your participants even after your event is over. Find out what they loved about the event. What are some issues they were facing? 

In short, provide them with a wholesome, or should we say a ‘poll-some’ experience. Sorry, couldn’t resist! 😊

Monetize your events

With the registrations and ticketing feature, cash-in on your current and upcoming events!

On-demand Global Events Library

On Everytale you can monetize past events using its On-demand Global Events Library option. To put it simply, Everytale is like YouTube but exclusively for events, webinars, and community networks.

If some of your past events were blockbusters, why not make that count! Build a vibrant community with readily available past content.

  • Upload recorded activities to the events library.
  • New global users on the platform discover/consume popular content on-demand.
  • Your existing users can attend or rewatch events they may have missed.

Like the YouTube algorithm, the Events Library helps expand your reach beyond territorial boundaries by matching content with users across the globe.

  • Spice up your lead generation efforts by uploading content to new audiences worldwide. 
  • Monetize your videos and turn them into Evergreen hits.

Grow your community and earnings long after the events are over.

Grow audiences with User Analytics

By far, user data is the biggest asset you create by taking your events online. 

Unlike zoom, you can retain all the essential data from your sessions – User participation, poll results, engagement rates, questions asked, and shared content. All metrics in one place means you have a readily available treasure trove for further research.

Gather invaluable insights about your users to better understand their preferences and behavior. Brighten up your events with the new findings to help grow your audience!