November 2, 2022

Emerging Trends for 2023 in Event Technology

In-person gatherings are on the rise again, but event planners and venues that are forward-looking know that the old days won’t be returning any time soon. In the events industry, new technologies constantly emerge, and some are eventually adopted, while others are eventually eclipsed. Corporate events are no exception, since technology is constantly developing, and sometimes things we could not even imagine are now available to us. Virtual reality will continue to evolve in coming years, ensuring its place as a prominent trend for years to come. Even so, we are still seeing glimpses of the future through some technologies.

What is Event Technology?

Event technology refers to the technology used in planning and producing events. Several examples include event management software, engagement tools, and virtual platforms, as well as streaming services on the Internet. Before the advent of event technology, convention planning was a tedious task. Each attendee’s name was recorded by hand.

To promote events, direct mail and printing were used. Before virtual event technology, event organizers could only plan live events. Through advances in data analytics, event planners can measure and track the components of their events more easily. Recent advancement in technology has made in-person, hybrid, and virtual events more feasible.

Event Technology’s Future: Emerging Trends

We’re seeing several emerging digital marketing trends in 2022 that will help make events safer, more connected, and better organized.

Artificial Intelligence

As with virtual reality, more and more attendees’ experiences rely on artificial intelligence. People already make use of voice searches and artificial intelligence at home. As an effective way to incorporate AI into your next meeting or corporate event, use voice technology to perform specific tasks. You can use voice assistants to answer questions and perform tasks such as “sign me up” and “when are my sessions?“ The voice assistant can also be linked to your badge. This technology makes attendees feel like VIPs.

Hands-free temperature solutions

It is worth mentioning that while temperature guns are already a contactless solution for taking people’s temperatures, dozens or even hundreds of people still need to be scanned for a single day. With infrared devices, this process can now be completed more quickly and efficiently by taking temperatures, giving the green light, dispensing hand sanitizer, personal protective equipment, and essential information for attendees.

The Hologram

The Jetsons aren’t the only ones who use holograms today. With holograms, attendees will be dazzled, potential partners will be educated, and products will be demonstrated in ways no one has seen before. The video production company, Event Works 4D, provides “3D holographic displays and immersive holographic speakers for all types of events.”

Engaging event attendees with interactive live chat

At successful conferences, events, and summits, attendees can establish relationships with industry leaders, connect with like-minded people, and network. It’s possible to ask direct questions and network virtually with key figures, as well as hear their approach to business, using CometChat to boost engagement during your event.

Utilization of augmented reality

The use of augmented reality at corporate meetings and events is increasing although it has been around for several years. Animating static objects to attract more attention is one way to use augmented reality at your next event. Customized frames and filters can be used to share a sponsor’s story or provide attendees with information about a new product. Engaging attendees in a fun and engaging way enhances their overall experience with the brand and the venue.

Using live interpreters

In our guide to the latest trends in event technology, we will discuss language next. Demand for live interpretation services has arisen as a consequence of hybrid and virtual technologies’ global nature. Consequently, event organizers should prioritize the use of real-time translation technology. Interpret Cloud offers exemplary interpretation and translation services, including the simultaneous interpretation and remote interpretation.

The QR code for content

If you want to share free content, marketing materials, and free items without having to print any materials or merchandise, QR codes, easily created by a QR Code generator, are the best option to use. Printing leaflets, offering free merchandise, or giving out free tablets are a waste of time, especially when digital content can be shared in such an easy, quick, and environmentally friendly manner.

Simulative and Live Streaming

We’re all familiar with the concept of live streaming these days. Virtual event streaming by event technology companies has made a significant advancement in the field of virtual event streaming. Remote viewers can expect high-quality streaming from virtual event streaming companies. With a comprehensive solution, your event transitions seamlessly between virtual and hybrid events, you can sync your live audience with multiple locations, you can incorporate live and pre-recorded video, and you can seamlessly integrate your favourite streaming service.

While provisioning cloud infrastructure for live video is expensive, you can consider implementing FinOps in your organization to monitor your spend. There are FinOps KPIs that you can monitor to ensure your live streaming and CDN cost doesn’t spike up.


When it comes to planning an event, it can be difficult. There can often be a lot of moving parts involved, which can often seem overwhelming. Despite rapid technological advancements, it is more important to embrace them instead of shutting them. With the use of technology, you can run events that reflect the newest trends in the industry and will help you stay competitive. Using technology such as conference tools, chatbots, VoIP, augmented reality, etc. will ensure that your event is more than just an average event but something memorable and exciting for your attendees.