December 5, 2022

10 Best Team Building Apps and Software For 2023

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When people work together, overcome challenges, and quickly solve problems, a team is more likely to reach its shared goal. 

Yet simply gathering a bunch of people in one group doesn’t necessarily mean that you are forming a team capable of reaching mutual goals.

In a team, people create bonds and mutual understanding. All individuals move together towards one shared goal. This kind of group needs a healthy approach to communication and a lot of trust and support among its members. 

While every individual has their roles and aims, ultimately, they all come together to fulfill this shared goal of the whole team. Therefore, being able to fit in with the rest of the team, communicate well, and trust other members is essential for your shared goals. 

How can you reach this level of trust and support and trust within a team? Most companies choose specific team building activities to help their team members get to know each other better while working on a team project. 

Team building activities will put team members in a situation where they must think creatively and collaborate to reach a shared goal. The goal-reward dynamic of these activities will also push your employees to be motivated. 

Let’s talk through how team building apps and software can fill these needs—and ensure a highly motivational and productive atmosphere amongst the team workers. 

Benefits of gamification and team building apps

Whatever team building activities you choose should have one thing in common: they should be fun activities that your employees enjoy. 

Not only are these fun activities an excellent way for your employees to relax and get to know each other, but they will also help them work on their problem-solving skills. These games will ultimately teach your employee how to work as a team to solve specific issues. 

The downside of traditional team building activities is that they can be expensive. They also require extra time and effort to be organized appropriately. 

Luckily, a fantastic alternative is just as effective, if not more so. This is where gamification apps come into play and help you in your team building activities. 

The first and most crucial benefit of these apps is that they work on smartphones. Because smartphones are the most widely used devices, everyone can have quick and easy access to gamification apps

One of the best ways to stay in touch and share relevant information is through these apps. They provide a similar experience to an RPG, plus the extra benefit of providing actual data to monitor. 

Now that we’ve covered the benefits of team building and gamification, let’s talk about some examples of the best team building apps out there.

Top 10 team building apps and software

The following are some of the best and most efficient team building apps and software to engage your team members and help them improve their teamwork.


The first app on the list is Everytale, an all-in-one platform for organizing virtual events. This platform brings people from around the world to one spot where you can create, broadcast, promote, and monetize team building events.

Amongst all of these team building apps, what makes Everytale special? Firstly, Everytale allows you to fully customize your profile to fit your company’s needs and expectations. It comes with a system that rewards the most active participants by giving them specially designed coins. These coins can later help your employees establish new contacts, pitch new ideas, and enter discussions. 

This platform is genuinely engaging because it also has polls and questionnaires available both before and during corporate events. This platform is great for team building with an easy upload and download feature and an excellent document library. 


If you want to make building a pipeline interactive and fun, Arcade will help you out with performance engagement, incentivized rewards, and gamification. 

Arcade will make your employees’ work days fun and social—yet competitive at the same time. Your employees will feel more present in their workspace and they will be able to communicate with each other easily. In a data-driven company culture, you will also benefit from being able to collect and share relevant data within the team. 


If you want a simple smartphone app, then Scavify is a great choice. Through this app, your employees complete challenges, track their own progress, and collect rewards for the challenges they’ve taken. 

With various features for QR code hunts, photo hunts, and video hunts, this team building app allows you to organize longer contests and make challenges for your team. It comes with different pricing plans, while participants can download and use the app for free on their smartphones.


Kahoot is a game-centered learning app often used by educators and schools. However, growing teams can also use this app since it is highly compatible with the format of team building activities. 

There’s even an especially designed offshoot Kahoot! 360 that was made for corporate teams. It allows employees to present in front of each other, communicate easily, and train together. You can also create and share quiz games.

Good & Co Teamwork

This team building app relies on the help of a short psychology-based personality quiz that helps you place your team members in special categories. Let your team take the quiz, and then you can access your team profile on a dashboard feature to see their results. 

This is how you will discover your employees’ qualities and skills. Maybe one team member is specifically gifted for team leading. Some of your employees may be skilled in distributed marketing. And someone else has a very analytical and calm approach to problem-solving. 

You can use this data to carefully select and give out assignments to your employees based on their qualities and skills.


Pingboard, somewhat similar to Good & Co Teamwork, categorizes your employees based on the department they work in, their start date, skills, organizational role, office location, interests, and so on. 

You can also place the employees in groups that you name yourself, such as “lunch group” or “newbies”. Using this software is great for meeting people at work and getting to know them. 


This GPS-enabled game software is probably the most effective program you can use for collaborative team building games. 

This includes games such as online escape rooms and scavenger hunts. You can experience indoor and outdoor games and explore some virtual events and adventures where your teams work together and figure out how to reach their goal together. During these games, employees are encouraged to work on their team collaboration skills, communication skills, problem-solving skills, and so much more. 

On top of that, Cluetivity comes with extra features like video and photo sharing, augmented reality, and customized riddles.


As an online whiteboard software, Miro hosts interactive brainstorming and mapping strategies in which the whole team can engage. 

Using some of the software’s project management diagrams such as Gantt bar charts, you can easily visualize the stage of your project, where you currently stand, and what you have to do next. This software ensures smooth teamwork while keeping everyone updated on the team’s progress. 


Giving and receiving compliments boosts productivity and motivation. HeyTaco! exemplifies how a quick shout-out from a colleague can improve overall teamwork. 

Team members receive daily taco emojis through this software, as well as thanks and compliments. Your employees can also send each other gifts such as jalapeno sauce or cartoon tacos. In the workplace, getting a cute corporate gift and praise can make your day and motivate you. 

Rally Bright

Lastly, RallyBright improves your team’s results and interpersonal relations by providing an assessment of your employees’ performance. 

A quick 15-minute quiz measures various performance factors. Based on the results, you will be able to assess and determine what needs changing in the team’s dynamic in order to help you reach better results. 

By successfully categorizing your employees based on their performance, you will be able to improve your revenue operations since operational efficiency drives revenue to grow.

How Everytale boosts team performance

Overall, by using gamification apps and software, you can easily gather the whole team in one spot and help them engage in activities. The best part is that all they need are their smartphones. You will also be able to gather and share data in this one app. Apps and software such as Everytale can help you organize your next big corporate event or team building activity for your employees.