December 15, 2022

6 Tips To Run Successful Event Promotions On Twitter

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Events can be real game-changers for any business. If promoted appropriately, an event can contribute greatly to your brand’s growth by increasing brand awareness, popularity, conversions, and engagement.

We are well aware, when it comes to promotions there is no strategy that works like promoting on social media. And social media giants like Twitter are even better to promote events.

Twitter has many amazing advantages. It is the platform people turn to for the latest news, updates, and trends. But most importantly, Twitter is not just a social media platform anymore. It is also a marketing tool.

Even though there is no requirement for a handbook on how to use Twitter as we all have a good knowledge of using it. But, running a successful event promotion on Twitter might get easier for you with a few well-tested tips.

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Why Use Twitter For Promotions?

It is no secret that Twitter is an extremely popular social media platform. There are more than 237.8 million daily active users on Twitter. This not only makes it powerful but also extremely fast because most people on Twitter follow news and updates globally. And in case you’re wondering, if you can consider events can as news, then yes!

Events are news. Anything that can interest people in a unique way is news enough for Twitter.

Not just tweets, but you can also check out a new hashtag trending daily on Twitter. By using Twitter you can make it to the trending list of hashtags and get not just hundreds, but thousands of people talking about the event.

The more audience you can tap into on Twitter, you can easily convert them into your real audience and make your event a huge success.

6 Tips To Promote Your Event On Twitter

1. Separate Your Event Account

Having a separate account for your event can actually be a great move. It can help you grow an audience that is specifically interested in your event and help you get better conversions. A dedicated Twitter account is also useful in order to keep the information about the event separate.

Using the same account for your event might get confusing for your audience and you might actually lose the gist of what you are trying to convey to your audience. With a separate account, you can give your followers the freedom to get the information they need.

2. Create A Unique Hashtag

A unique hashtag can be an extremely powerful tool for your event promotions. A good hashtag event can help in creating an identity for your event and is also an amazing source to collect UGC from your audiences before the event, at the event, and even after the event. Moreover, you can run UGC ads to promote your next event right away!

Hashtags are great tools to boost visibility on social media and generate engagement. By introducing a dedicated hashtag for your event you can get a more relevant audience to follow you and find out about your event.

A good hashtag is always easy to remember, not too long or complicated, and always has a factor that users can relate back to your brand or event name.

3. Start Promotions Early

Starting promotions early is a promotion strategy in itself. You can get ahead in your overall promotions by starting early.  Promoting an event comes with many ups and downs, by relying on a social media platform like Twitter you can be prepared to start off in a better way.

For example, you can get to know the type of your target audience, the potential of your marketing strategy and brace up for last-minute issues well in advance.

4. Include A Twitter Wall For Your Event

For any kind of promotion, it’s important to stay consistent and come up with unique ideas. Even when your base for promotions is Twitter, there is a unique way to use it for promotions.

You can include a Twitter Wall for your events and give that extra sizzle to your promotions. Users or event hosts can create a Twitter wall with a display tool like Taggbox Display. This tool enables its users to aggregate social content from Twitter through any source like a hashtag, user handle, or user mentions.

After which, users can display the wall on any digital screen at the event. A Twitter all is an extremely engaging tool and can change the aura of your event exponentially.

5. Keep Your Audiences Well-Informed

Another great tip to a successful event promotion is to keep no barriers between your audience and you. Transparency is the best marketing strategy.

Keep your followers informed about any new updates through tweets and posts. One more important tip is to never leave any threads unattended. Twitter is truly the fastest social media platform and news travel faster on Twitter than any other platform.

Always keep your Twitter updated and reply to threads immediately. Especially, if they are seeking information about the event. AI tools like ChatGPT can be of great help here. If you are wondering how to use ChatGPT, just enter the topic and it will generate an engaging Twitter thread for you. Just remember to check for plagiarism once the content has been generated.

6. Plan A Post-Event Strategy

A really important tip to remember is to plan out a post-event strategy. After the event, audiences tend to share their views about the event or their experience as a whole on social media.

You must be prepared to collect all the data like images, reviews, tweets and use it to your benefit as a post-event strategy.

There is a lot for you to gain from what the visitors have to say about the event. You can spark conversations on Twitter and even get sponsors and speakers for your future events.

Wrapping It Up

A great event cannot be described in a line. Instead, it is a compilation of many small aspects that come together to create a perfect event.

Twitter is not just a social media platform but also a marketing tool. Knowing how to use Twitter for your event promotions can be extremely beneficial. It can get you a growth boost faster than any other strategy.

In this blog, we have given you some beneficial tips to promote your event on Twitter. We hope these tips will help you to get great results for your event.