November 2, 2022

5 Ways to Send Event Reminders to Maximize Participation

You might already be aware of various methods for sending reminders, including mail, email, SMS, and phone calls to increase event attendance and host a successful event online.

Although Email and SMS are common methods of reminders, they have significant drawbacks. For instance, there is no certainty that email and SMS will be read (on time) even after they are delivered successfully.  

Event reminders are a wonderfully effective strategy for increasing event participation. Investing time and effort in writing targeted reminders before, all through, and even after events can help things go smoothly!

What is an event reminder?

As a business, you might be organizing different events to connect with your customers and prospects, to improve brand awareness in the market, to share some big news or announcement related to your products or services, engage with your remote or hybrid workforce, or simply as a part of your customer service management and relationship building efforts. An event reminder is a message delivered to users informing them of future events such as a webinar, course, seminar, concerts, and so on. Reminders are also an excellent method to generate attention for your event.

People engage at their own convenience and for their own motivations. The issue is that sometimes you need to give them a “gentle push” to start them going, or even to figure out what’s going on. Reminders should be brief, crisp, and to the point. You want the person to do something, so be specific. Also, you must be firm with your statement while not being impolite.

Preparing an event is not for the faint of heart. The most difficult part is also the most important, which is persuading people to come in person or digitally. Don’t you think so?

Do you have a special event coming up that you don’t want your clients to overlook?

It is completely natural for us to forget many things in our daily lives. However, in the corporate and professional worlds, we cannot run that risk. Reminding your event participants of their next event is the most effective approach to stay in touch with your existing and potential clients and make sure you get the event ROI your business desevers.

Even if you have a large number of individuals signed up and registered to attend your event, this does not ensure their attendance. Forwarding reminders to your attendees is a simple method to ensure that they remember all of the details of your event.

Here are a few easy tips to assist you in establishing highly effective event reminders

Try to keep it short and simple

The customers who will get your event reminder should already be aware of the purpose of the event. This means you don’t have to include the same content in your subsequent campaign telling individuals about the event. A reminder can be a simple invite with some of the important details, such as the event’s name, location, and time. You can always provide a link to more details to save space on the message.

Add a CTA (Call to Action) Button

The majority of the best-performing reminders have call-to-action (or CTA) buttons that attract the reader’s interest. Set the button where it can be easily visible and use eye-catching tones and language. On the button, include a unique phrase like “Save my seat,” or “Sign up now.” 

Place essential data near the top of the page.

Vital information, such as dates and location, should be near the top of the reminder so that it is one of the first things the prospective participant views. They should not have to navigate through the reminder to get important information. Why? Well, there is always the possibility that they will close the reminder before they arrive. That is why it is critical to place the most significant information about the event close to the top, where it is more certain to be seen.

Add Contact Details

There is always a risk that potential guests to your event will have some inquiries. As a result, providing contact information for someone who can address the queries within the reminder is beneficial. You can provide contact details by linking to a web page “Contact” page or simply listing a phone number, email address, etc at the bottom of the reminder. Also, remember to give more than one way for people to contact you.

Insert images and graphics

The event reminder’s content will be more enticing if it has eye-catching images and humorous graphics that will captivate the viewer. Nevertheless, do not simply insert random photos and gifs to get their interest. They should be related to the event in some way, such as a snapshot of the venue or a speaker who will be present. This will also boost the subscriber’s interest in attending your event. You can always use an online image resizer so that your images are best supported by all social media websites.

Don’t forget to show your appreciation

You can include a “thank you” note in the reminder to express gratitude to the recipient for their time and participation in the event. It is a small gesture but can set up your event reminder in a warm and more conversational tone. You can include it at the start or end of the message.

Connect to Social Media

Is there a Facebook, Instagram or Twitter page people can follow? If yes, include them in your message so that guests can follow your organisation or event on social media for further updates. In case you are organising future events and would like to keep the same individuals informed, this is an ideal option to go with. You can also use Facebook groups for this purpose. 


5 effective ways to send event reminders

#1. Email reminders

 Including well-designed email reminder formats are one of the best methods to keep customers informed. Email reminders are a typical strategy used by survey producers to increase responses. They provide you with a second opportunity to capture recipients’ interest and generate response rates on your most crucial surveys. The optimal time to send email reminders is 48 to 72 hours following your original survey invitation.

You don’t want to send out reminders too soon, why bother individuals who are already willing to take part? They are only useful once receivers have read or ignored prior emails.

#2. Reminder via call blasting

Earlier, making thousands of calls at a time would need a staff of multiple agents working for a call center service provider. While for personalized experiences, call centers still do the best, for standard calls like event reminders, you can use a modern service – call blasting.

All calls are made simultaneously with a call blasting service like MyOperator call blast software. This eliminates the need for agents and allows you to reach lots of people on calls in a matter of minutes.

The call blast receiver gets an automated call that either delivers a pre-recorded message, directs them through an automatic outbound IVR system and also allow the receiver to set a call back for a later time. 

Besides dropping reminder and important alerts, businesses use call blasing in a lot more ways. In terms of an outbound IVR, the call blast can assist users in navigating self-service choices such as bill pay or completing customer feedback surveys and also to access customer service and support options on phone. You can also use it to schedule appointments and reminders.

#3. Reminder via SMS / text

SMS or text message reminders are programmed reminders delivered to a customer to remind them of a meeting, a payment, or other upcoming events. Organizations use them to assure that their clients do not forget about existing meetings or those that need to be scheduled in the coming days. It also ensures that fewer appointments are missed, allowing the business to continue operating without any interruption. A bulk SMS service lets you send promo messages, SMS reminders, and regular updates, to numerous users at a time without affecting the delivery speed. You can use the same to drop event reminders as well. 

#4. Reminder by push notifications on website and app

A significant advantage of using web push notifications for reminders is that it aids in retargeting. At specific interactions, push notifications can help you in sending real-time updates and reminders that encourage your customers to engage with your brand on your business mobie app as well as website. Relatively, push notifications have a much greater engagement rate than emails. So, the next time you need to send a n event reminder, you know where to start!

#5. Other ways of events reminders

Also, to manage event reminders, you can make smart use of Google Calendar or other calendars in the market. In your event reminder emails and links, you can make it easy for your users to add your event to their respective calendars using “Add to Calendar” option which will remind them about your event right on time!

Using these creative ways to send event reminders to your audience, you can boost event attendance rate and make your event even greater success.