November 2, 2022

15+ Productivity Apps for Virtual Event Organizers

Event planners can use these tools, regardless of whether they are working from a desktop, tablet, or smartphone, to boost their productivity. Generally speaking, being efficient is the key to being an unstoppable event prof, since we have so many responsibilities to fulfil each day, however, there are plenty of tools available that can assist us. To provide our attendees with innovative and improved technology at our events, it is only appropriate that we use these solutions ourselves and get a little help putting it all together. The following article provides information on the best productivity apps for event organizers. 

Apps that organizers prefer to use for event management

Social Tables

With Social Tables, you have access to venue sourcing, event design, guest management, and check-in to help you run a successful event. In minutes, you can build to-scale diagrams of your event using the free online event planning tool. All the tiny details that you need to cover can be laid out and shared with venues, clients, and collaborators. It also facilitates the management of guests – including VIPs and special meal requests – visually through diagrams and helps you visually seat them.

The Boomsets

With Boomset, event attendees can check in, print badges on demand, and manage guest lists. Attendees can also be tracked with RFID-enabled wristbands in addition to facial recognition check-in. At events, attendees can purchase merchandise, meals, beverages, and sundries using their badges and wristbands.

Any do

The Any do productivity tool enables you to stay organized wherever you are, regardless of where you are working from. To keep track of the deadlines of each task, users can create customized to-do lists and calendars which can be customized. Using on your phone, laptop, or tablet ensures that all of your tasks are synced to as many smart devices as you like

Habit List

As the app allows you to set daily goals and keep track of how you are doing for those goals, you will be able to keep track of how productive you are each day and where you need to improve. In addition, you can set reminders on the app and it will show just what is on your daily to-do list at the top of the screen.


You can write down quick notes using this free note-taking tool and then access the notes from any device. You can easily save and share links or have access to your ideas from anywhere simply by downloading the app to your phone or tablet. It is particularly helpful if you occasionally work from home or frequently travel.


With this chrome extension and app, you can save time by checking your spelling and grammar. It automatically checks your text, underlining items that need to be changed. Hovering over the area will offer suggestions for changes and correct the spelling. Offline files can also be uploaded to be proofread. Grammarly is a premium app, but they also offer an excellent free version with a multitude of features. A free trial for Grammarly Premium is also available


The app allows you to combine all your social media channels into one dashboard and reply easily from there. By scheduling posts, replying to users, and interacting from one place, you can avoid logging in and out of accounts. Your social media work is streamlined and saved time with analytics of how your posts and channels are performing. Still, if you feel that Hootsuite is Lil expensive, then you can opt for Hootsuite alternative or buffer alternatives.


In addition to team communication, this resource has been used to facilitate session interaction throughout events. As a result, you can create a workspace within Slack that contains different channels for different types of conversations. For instance, you may have private channels for your team to share information or public channels that attendees can use for discussions at an event.


Catering has been simplified with Caterease. Create a visual menu for your guests with Caterease. Additionally, you can also create ingredient lists and menus for the cooks to follow in the back of the house. You can also allow guests to select their food. Then, you can use the data to determine how much food and beverage you need.


The app is ideal for event teams who can work from their desks or remotely and want to keep track of their to-do lists, since it means they can all access tasks from anywhere, including off-line. It is suitable for everyone and their multiple devices.


You can use Boomerang to streamline your emails in several ways, such as scheduling emails out of hours, setting up snooze messages, and setting up auto-responses. Additionally, you can keep track of emails that haven’t been responded to yet and remind yourself to follow up.

 Lead tracking is one of the most effective tools for prospecting, as it can improve your chances of warming up cold leads. As an extension for Chrome, you can also have it on your desktop as a Chrome extension and have it accessible from Gmail, Outlook, Android, and your desktop.

Google Drive

As with this list, it is hard to imagine what it would look like without Google Drive, which has simplified the process of collaborative work and editing as well as provided excellent, secure cloud storage. With the application, you can access your documents wherever you are and share them with your friends, allowing them to read and even edit them, allowing collaborative working without leaving your desk. The application is available for desktop and mobile devices, making it possible for you to access your documents from anywhere, as well as share them with your contacts.


A good way for creative minds to manage team projects is provided by it. A user can create cards that can be assigned to different users and organized by lists. It is possible to track both individual tasks and larger tasks and to see who is working on which. To-do lists may also be linked to the tasks. This will be very useful for event managers. If this tool doesn’t meet your requirements, though, you might want to check some alternatives to Trello.


It is a common practice for event organizers to build their event web pages by using a web-building tool such as Wix, which is very popular. The templates and themes offered by the company have been designed specifically to suit the requirements of event websites, all of which can be completely customized.


In terms of event software, Micah is an all-in-one package that handles everything from registration to website management to gathering event statistics all in one package. While the price of the service is based on Euros, anyone with an internet connection can use the service completely, regardless of where they are located. Packages with one event planning tool include access to three events, and you may add up to five additional users at a time.


Community is at the heart of DoubleDutch. In this four-pronged approach, we design outstanding attendee experiences, future-proof our events, facilitate high-volume event planning, and leverage the resources of a global network of partners.


It’s the perfect tool if you’re trying to build healthy, productive habits in your life. It helps you track daily performance and easily track tasks over time. In addition to having the ability to set rewards or punishments for achieving your goals (or not) for an extra incentive, this tracker comes with a design that makes it easy to use.


Use 24me to help you stay on top of things with your planning if you are looking for a Virtual personal assistant that is handy and easy to use. Among the many features included in this app are a calendar, to-do list, and notes. The software automates events by allowing you to keep your tasks and schedules in one place and sends you reminders when they are due.


Use Pingg to invite your guest to your event when it is time to invite them. In addition to sending out customized invitations via email, the app allows you to send them out via postal mail as well. To know who is bringing what to your event, you may want to include a gift registry or a sign-up for potlucks.

Some other tools to try are:

Zonka Feedback




Whether you work in a team or on your own, hone your event management skills by using these mobile apps and tools to ensure that you are the most effective event professional you can be, that you organize your time efficiently, and that you remain at the top of your game!