November 2, 2022

10 Tips for Successful Virtual Events in 2023

Those of you involved in event planning know the rush of organizing a successful gathering. You have to find the perfect venue, pick the seating chart, pick tables and chairs, and send invitations, among many other tasks. Virtual events have become increasingly popular recently as a result of the growth in digital technology. The platforms that host virtual events are improving rapidly as well. Keep customers, peers and prospects informed about fundraisers, conferences, leadership summits, fly-ins, and town halls digitally. Here are ten tips for hosting a successful virtual event that will keep an increasingly sophisticated audience engaged.

Virtual events: Tips for success Virtual events: Tips for success

The following tips and ideas will help you to plan a successful virtual event. This article provides ten tips for hosting a seamless virtual event that is engaging, entertaining, and impactful.

Plan your strategy

Virtual events require meticulous planning to be successful. The audience should not leave right after tuning in. No matter how big or how small your event is, a strategy is critical to its success.

Identify what holds your audience’s interest by gathering data about them. A successful event is curated according to attendees’ tastes and interests.

Select a platform / Deal Room

Everyday life has become more and more dependent on platforms such as Zoom and Microsoft Teams. It is common for people to be online working, watching lessons, or chatting with friends. You just choose your zoom plan and give it a go. Nevertheless, some platforms offer more specific features to address the needs of event planners who are looking for engaging online conferences, webinars, or workshops. A unique feature of Deal Room is its user-friendly interface, technical features, and exceptional customer service. You can use it to run virtual or hybrid events of all kinds. You will be able to conduct 1-on-1 meetings, use matchmaking services, watch high-quality video streaming, take advantage of several integration options, engage in virtual meetings, utilize networking services, participate in roundtable discussions, and much more!

Capable of talking off-screen.

You should establish a communication channel outside of the platform if there is an issue while someone is presenting or warming up. The speakers can be staggered in different rooms before they are ready to go live if your hosting system allows for virtual green rooms. Additionally, setting up a WhatsApp group chat is a good way to communicate with your team quickly.

Publicize the event

The key to a successful event is marketing and promotion. People won’t attend if they don’t know about your upcoming event. Develop a marketing strategy based on the main selling points of your virtual event.

Create a portal layout that suits your event

Your event’s type, purpose, and intended audience will determine the best portal layout. A minimalistic look works best for some virtual events, but 3D immersive designs may be more beneficial. Adding custom colors, logos, and other design elements to your event platform is a must. If the event is sponsored, it would be appropriate to consider placing advertisements and banners from the sponsors. In times of stress, using biophilic design elements in 3D renderings can help participants relax. Organize lighting, plants, and wood to give the room a cozy, organic feel.

Sponsors on the list

Most virtual events require sponsors, as with any good event. Ensure you tell your sponsors exactly how they can brand themselves at your event when you sign on with them. Make sure to include sponsor visibility and exhibition spaces when branding the virtual venue.

Troubleshoot tech issues in advance

In the same way that physical events can have unexpected technical problems, virtual events can also. You can host a successful virtual event by preparing for technical difficulties beforehand. Make sure you test your internet connection before you begin your virtual event. Make sure your speakers do the same before you begin the event. Ensure a strong internet connection is available to everyone involved in the event. Try out the event before the big day. If you find anything wrong, you can fix it.

Plan a backup strategy. A pre-recorded presentation or video could help keep the event on schedule. Organize an easy-to-follow guide that allows attendees to navigate your event easily since not every participant is tech-savvy.

Regularly plan wellness breaks

Add regular breaks for coffee, meditation, stretching, and socializing to the schedule of long events. Taking part in a weekly team meeting for hours may be exhausting, and Zoom fatigue is real. Participants can enjoy the presentations and workshops more fully by interjecting breaks into the agenda, so they can get up and move during the breaks.

You should have full production support.

You need full production support for your online event since it’s similar to an in-person affair. A crew of six to eight members can handle every aspect of your event, from graphics, audio, and transitions to directing people, coordinating the virtual green rooms, and providing technical assistance. If you stumble upon any problems during the virtual event, such as audience members or presenters struggling to access the event, being provided with live technical support is beneficial. It will be your responsibility to resolve these problems without creating a fuss about them in front of your audience.

Analyze your data

Measure your virtual event’s performance using analytics. Using this method helps you gain better insight into what parts of the event are performing well and where there is the highest engagement. Additionally, you can learn what went wrong and what needs to be improved for the future.


Maintaining an audience’s attention and entertainment at virtual events has become increasingly important as virtual events become the norm. Using the tips in this article, you can successfully host a virtual event. Hopefully, this article has answered all your questions!